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Be a Problem Solver Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

Have you ever cringed when your child has said something inappropriate? And then you are profusely apologizing and then you're not sure if the person in question is still offended? This would be a time to help your child practice communication repair. In this episode, we're exploring how communication repair works and...

Feb 28, 2023

When people come for therapy, there are several common threads to the process. Tune in to fing out the #1 thing I tell all my clients about the process!

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Feb 21, 2023

If you are in a stage of helping your middle schooler navigate some friendship drama, this episode is for you. Middle school friendships are critical to social and emotional development, and sometimes, drama is part of the process. 

Is your tween ready for a phone? Take the quiz!

Feb 14, 2023

Anxiety in children and teens is a hot button issue since the pandemic. We have seen an increase in anxiety in many of our clients, and even the news has picked up on the global increase for kids and teens!

In this episode, we are discussing the origins of anxiety, where it comes from, and what we see if kids...

Feb 7, 2023

You, parent, often tell us that your child is involved in some sort of social drama, but they won't share what it is. You observe that your child is upset about a social interaction, something that happpend at school, something that happened on SnapChat...but what do you do about it?

In this episode, we are discussing...